Film trailer: Damon in thriller 'The Adjustment Bureau'

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The first trailer has been released for the sci-fi thriller The Adjustment Bureau starring Matt Damon ( Invictus, The Informant!) and Emily Blunt ( The Wolfman, Young Victoria).

The upcoming film is loosely based on a short story, "Adjustment Team," by Philip K. Dick who inspired the films Blade Runner and Total Recall. The story follows an aspiring politician and a ballerina, caught by mysterious forces trying to keep them apart.

The footage depicts how their chance encounter becomes a battle for free will as Damon's character is informed about The Grand Plan in life by those in control. The eerie team ominously warn him to stay away from the woman or it will kill his dreams and hers.

The director and screenwriter is George Nolfi, who wrote Oceans 12 and The Bourne Ultimatum.

It co-stars Anthony Mackie ( The Hurt Locker) and Shohreh Aghdashloo (H ouse of Sand and Fog), and John Slattery ( Man Men) and Terrence Stamp ( Valkyrie) as the men who determine our fate.

The film releases in the US September 17.