Film trailer: DiCaprio in Eastwood's 'J. Edgar'

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The first trailer for Oscar-winning director Clint Eastwood's biopic J. Edgar, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the head of the FBI, was released on September 19.

The period film follows the story of the controversial chief of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, J. Edgar Hoover, who reigned as the head of the government's law enforcement agency, after founding it in 1935, until his death in 1972.

The footage plays a montage of Hoover's public and private life over the years, with DiCaprio's narration, complete with Hoover's distinct accent and ironic lines about power corrupting men.

Hoover is depicted as a man of principles, with innovative and relentless crime-fighting techniques that made him both feared and admired and whose secrets could destroy his career.

Shots reveal Hoover choosing his number two man, Clyde Tolson, played by Armie Hammer ( The Social Network), and shows him as he ages.

Costarring Naomi Watts ( Fair Game) as Hoover's secretary, Judi Dench ( Casino Royale) as his mother and Dermot Mulroney ( Burn After Reading), the script was written by Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black ( Milk).

J. Edgar opens in North America on November 9. It releases in early 2012 internationally, including January 20 in the UK, February in Germany and March in Turkey.