Film trailer: Franco and Portman in 'Your Highness'

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A new trailer for the period fantasy comedy, Your Highness, was released December 21. It stars James Franco ( 127 Hours, Howl), Natalie Portman ( Black Swan), Zooey Deschanel ( 500 Days of Summer), and Danny McBride ( Due Date, Up in the Air, Despicable Me) who also co-wrote the story.

A restricted red-band video was release in November. This latest version tells more of the storyline.

Directed by David Gordon Green ( Pineapple Express), the story follows Prince Fabious who heads off on a quest to rescue his kidnapped bride-to-be and save his father's kingdom, accompanied by his lazy deadbeat brother Thadeous.

The footage follows the comedic antics of McBride, the valiant Franco slaying dragons, warrior princess Portman, adventures with an evil wizard and horrific creatures as the princes must take this perilous trek to free the princess, stumbling along the way.

The film releases April 8.