Film trailer: interactive version of 'The Social Network'

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Just released online is a special interactive trailer for David Fincher's The Social Network, with about 40 factoids and clickable links to articles, interviews and video. The film stars Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield as the co-founders of Facebook.

The footage shows the story of the film as the battle over ownership of the website unfolds, with facts and commentary integrated, such as actors' interviews on their characters and profiles including one of co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The information includes items such as the finding that one-third of women aged 13-24 in the US check Facebook each morning; Sean Parker, played by Justin Timberlake, suggested that they drop the 'The' from The Facebook and the average age of Facebook's 900 employees is 31.

It also lists the number of companies who tried to buy the company.

The film premieres at the 48th annual New York Film Festival on September 24 and opens in US theaters October 1.