Kutcher pirates peek at his film 'Killers'

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On Ashton Kutcher's famed Twitter account, the actor announced that he will "pirate" the first 13 minutes of his comedy with co-star Katherine Heigl, titled Killers, at the premiere to post online before the film opens this weekend.

The tweet stated: "going live 2 the web & pirating the 1st 10 min of Killers from the premiere." The actor/producer confirmed this during an appearance with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Actually, the plan is not officially piracy. It is an internet sneak preview - and smart marketing move by the movie studio - in the hopes of reaching Kutcher's phenomenal five million Twitter followers.

"Pirating" sounds more appropriate for the film, though. This new romantic action film releases this weekend in the US, co-starring Katherine Heigl ( Knocked Up, 27 Dresses) as newlyweds whose lives change dramatically when it is revealed he's a super spy.

Every hour, the actor sent an update via Twitter about attending the premiere of the movie with his "wifey" Demi Moore: TUNE IN - we are going LIVE at 7:00 p.m. PT from the #killers RED CARPET! Watch here = http://bit.ly/V4ov

Kutcher's twitter account: http://twitter.com/APLUSK