Look Who's Back film: Hitler lookalike 'seen touring Germany'

He was reportedly spotted in German cities

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Locals in Germany were stunned by the sight of a Hitler look-alike driving around the country and strolling through various locations.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the controversial move was apparently to promote the upcoming movie Look Who's Back, an adaption of a satirical novel imagining Hitler waking up in Berlin 67-years after the Second World War has ended.

In Timur Vermes' book, Hitler has no memory of anything after 1945 and interprets everything he sees from a Nazi perspective. Those he comes into contact with refuse to believe he is Hitler and he eventually becomes a celebrity thanks to his 'method acting' skills.

Vermes' novel sold over 1.4 million copies just in Germany and has been printed across 40 countries.

Deadline reports that the film's protagonist Oliver Masucci was placed in unsuspecting real-life situations for a ‘pre-shoot’ tour. 

Reports say citizens were left unnerved by the sight of the man, complete with moustache and trench coat, filling up his car with petrol and buying coffee at a gas station.

He was even reported to have made an appearance at a right-wing rally, taunting demonstrators from a balcony by calling them “wimps”.

The appearances were first reported by German tabloid Das Bild, who said he was placed in in different locations while the reactions of passers-by were filmed.

Filming for Look Who’s Back, produced by Mythos Film and Munich production house Constantin, is due to officially begin on Saturday.  The film is scheduled for release in Germany in October 2015.

The Independent has contacted Constantin for comment.