‘Karate Kid’ could kick 'A-Team' at the box office

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History could repeat itself with the remake of the 1984 blockbuster The Karate Kid returning to cinemas this weekend. The question is whether Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith will replay the success of the original film series starring Oscar nominee Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio.

The updated version transforms this coming-of-age story a little with its location in Beijing not Los Angeles, but the same themes about conflict resolution are at play as Chan takes on the mentor role with the son of actor Will Smith. It should be a hit with families.

Another 1980s franchise comes to the big screen with the rebooting of the hit television series, The A-Team, packed with outrageous action and humor. This military-style adventure features a strong cast including Liam Neeson ( Clash of the Titans), Bradley Cooper ( The Hangover), Jessica Biel ( Valentine's Day), and Sharlto Copley ( District 9).

The A-Team boldly takes on the 2010 FIFA World Cup this weekend with the film's release in 34 territories, including Australia, Brazil, Holland, Mexico, Russia, Korea, Sweden and Taiwan, during the opening of the most-watched sporting event in the world on June 11. A strategy as gutsy as the film's characters which might just work outside the US.

After three weeks, Shrek will end its slow steady hold of the US box office with families likely to head for The Karate Kid.