BAFTAs 2016: BBC broadcast cuts awkward kiss cam between Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander

A lesson in choosing your victims wisely

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Is it a coincidence that the 2016 BAFTAs just happened to fall on Valentine's Day? Is it really? Or part of Stephen Fry's mischevious plans to pair off Hollywood as he pleases?

Part of Fry's opening monologue for the ceremony involved what he described as one of America's grand old traditions: the kiss cam. Selecting various victims from the star-studded audience, Fry impatiently waited on stage as he demanded various, randomly assigned couples to lock lips, like the world's most well spoken Cupid. 

Each reacted with various degrees of enthusiasm: some responded with a polite peck on the cheek, an actorly faux make-out, the full goods, or an (awkward) flat-out refusal. 

First victims were the only real life couple Fry preyed upon; nominees Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander. Famously private in their relationship, the pair refused to kiss for their host and left the air hanging with discomfort. So awkward, in fact, that it was cut out of the BBC One broadcast of the show. 

Next up, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Stanley Tucci. Not a real-life couple (sadly), but Tucci leapt up from his seat to bestow a kiss on the cheek of the fellow actor. Funnily enough, Gooding Jr. later referenced last year's kissathon, in which he shared a cheek peck with Fry himself

Leonardo DiCaprio and Maggie Smith also kept things sweet and polite; much to the probable disappointment of everyone, everywhere. Just a formal, appreciative cheek peck from the pair. Not that it was any short of beautiful. 

BAFTA Kiss Cam

Two absolute performers were chosen next and played things out exactly as you'd expect of them. Julianne Moore and Bryan Cranston; embracing in a passionate stage kiss which managed to likely outdo 90% of real kisses by us mere plebians.

And, leaving the best until the last, the kiss cam turned to Rebel Wilson and Eddie Izzard. Who went full throttle. Game, set, and match.