Barack Obama lists his 8 favourite sci-fi films and TV series

Obama on Star Wars: 'It was fun and revolutionised special effects'

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Has there ever been a President of the United States as cool as Barack Obama? Probably not (and there won’t be for some time to come).

The 55-year-old is acting guest editor of this month’s Wired, once again professing his love for technology within the magazine’s pages.

Notably, he shared his eight favourite films and television shows from the sci-fi genre, the list containing primarily classics. See below.

Obama's 8 favourite sci-fi films and TV shows

2001: A Space Odyssey

Blade Runner

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Star Wars

Star Trek (The Original Series)

The Martian

The Matrix

Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

The newest film on the list is last year’s The Martian, a film the President named his favourite film of 2015. Meanwhile, Obama has often cited Star Trek as having a major influence on his life, sitting down with Wired’s Editor-in-chief for a five-minute video in which he spoke candidly about the show’s effects on his upbringing. 

Obama also praised Star Wars “because it was fun and revolutionised special effects,” calling it the ultimate science-fiction popcorn flick. Recently, POTUS revealed the five books he thinks everyone should have read over the summer, including - of course - some sci-fi novels.