Best F(r)iends trailer: The Room’s Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero reunite for hopefully terrible thriller

Oh hi again, Mark

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The Room, the best worst film ever made, which hopefully you’ve seen by now (many times over and drunk), initially left its cast aghast at its awfulness, but they’ve mellowed over the last 15 years.

Writer/director/unwitting genius Tommy Wiseau’s actors have gone on to write books about the cult classic, make mockumentaries about it, and now Greg Sestero, who played the film’s deuteragonist Mark, is back starring opposite Wiseau in a new feature film.

Titled Best F(r)iends (see what they did there!) it unfortunately isn’t directed by Wiseau, but wisely casts him as a creepy mortician instead of an irresistible lothario.

The Hollywood Reporter debuted the first trailer for the movie, ‘which follows a man (Sestero) who meets a lonely mortician (Wisaeu) who takes him on a wild journey.’

"After watching Best F(r)iends, your mind will find paradise," Wiseau commented ominously.

Sestero added: "I think it's a role that will really spotlight Tommy's unique talent and charisma, while also setting up an unexpected and exciting reunion.”

Best F(r)iends was inspired by a road trip Sestero took with Wiseau in 2003. He apparently brought the role of a mortician to Tommy who ‘responded positively’ to the character.

As with The Room, Best F(r)iends looks a tonal mess, but sadly it is unlikely to be as bad, and therefore good, as The Room, the trailer suggesting it is pretty self-aware.

A film about the making of The Room is currently in development at New Line, based on Sestero’s non-fiction book The Disaster Artist and starring James Franco as Wiseau.