The 'missing' Ford Mustang used in Bullitt discovered in a Mexican junkyard

The discovery comes one year before the film's 50th anniversary

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The long-lost car driven by Steve McQueen in film Bullitt has been discovered in a Mexican junkyard, it's been reported.

Fox News reports that the rusted '68 Ford Mustang was unearthed by a man named Hugo Sanchez who, upon taking it to a custom car shop in the mindset of pimping it into a replica of the car from Gone In 60 Seconds (of all things), discovered that it was - in actual fact - a missing car seen in the 1968 classic.

The story goes (via Jalopnik) that two cars were used during shooting of the San Francisco-set film. While one was purchased by a crew member, the other - which is said to have been damaged extensively - has been 'lost' ever since.

A full restoration is now in the planning stages with no news on what will happen following that - however, it'd be a crying shame if the discovery wasn't utilised in the film's 50th-anniversary taking place next year. Expect extremely rich film lovers and motorheads to be lining up their millions.

The Peter Yates-directed Bullitt starred McQueen alongside Robert Vaughn and Jacqueline Bisset. Many consider the film's chase sequence to be one of the greatest committed to celluloid.