Captain America: Civil War set photos leak giving us first look at Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther

Even from these low-quality snaps you can see how good he looks

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Superhero movies can no longer be filmed without set photos leaking online. It happened to Batman v Superman, then Suicide Squad and now Marvel's Captain America: Civil War.

These new shots are, however, particularly notable for giving us our glimpse of the superhero Black Panther, who will be played by Chadwick Boseman.

Even from these low-quality snaps you can see just how similar the final outfit is to the original concept art released last year (pictured above). Check out the new suit below.

A photo posted by Andreas Meyer (@meyerfotos) on

A photo posted by Andreas Meyer (@meyerfotos) on

Boseman is set to star as Black Panther in a solo movie in 2018, marking the first time a lead superhero in a Marvel Studios film won't be a white male. 

It is expected that the character will play a role in the upcoming Civil War film similar to that of Spider-Man’s in the comics. The movie will see Captain America facing off against fellow Avenger Iron Man, with Black Panther undecided which side he wants to fight for.

Black Panther (Boseman) looks on as Ironman (Downey Jr.) and Captain America (Evans) do battle in a game of rock-paper-scissors at a Marvel fan event in Los Angeles

In the comics, Peter Parker played a similar role and sided with Iron Man, but the movie looks set to be very different.

Many are speculating whether Spider-Man will appear in Civil War or not, with the general consensus being that the recently cast superhero will almost definitely appear, in one form or another.