Indiana Jones: Chris Pratt tipped to fill Harrison Ford's boots

The Guardians of the Galaxy star is reportedly being lined up for the role

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He’s often seen hanging out with dinosaurs in Jurassic World but now, Chris Pratt is being lined up for the iconic role of Indiana Jones.

The US actor is reportedly being courted for a reboot of the hit franchise, after Disney bought the film rights from Paramount in 2013.

Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom

Harrison Ford made the character famous in Raiders of the Lost Ark and his will be huge archaeologist boots to fill, but Pratt has made a big name for himself too with a recent lead turn in Guardians and the Galaxy.


Last year it was said that Disney aims to follow “the Bond path” with casting for Indiana Jones, with Bradley Cooper hinted at for the lead. Chris Hemsworth is another name still being touted and nothing has been confirmed.

The 35-year-old begins work on The Magnificent Seven with Denzel Washington in April and inevitably, a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel is on the cards.

Disney is yet to comment on rumours of Pratt’s involvement, but Hollywood insider website Deadline reckons his casting is a pretty sure-fire bet, so watch this space.