Deadpool writer/producer starts Twitter campaign to get movie to cinemas: 'Let's break the internet'

Reese previously posted a pic of Reynolds doing motion capture for the character

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Following the popularity of the leaked Deadpool test footage starring Ryan Reynolds, the long-gestating film's writer/producer Rhett Reese has asked Twitter users to get behind a campaign to get the comic book adaptation green lit.

"Team Pool needs your official 'vote' of support," He wrote. "Let's break the internet.  RETWEET if you would buy a ticket to the DEADPOOL MOVIE."

At the time of writing, over 21,000 people have already got behind the message with a retweet.

One minute and 48 seconds of footage from a test reel shot for the film was leaked by Blur Studios after Deadpool news was shortcoming from Comic-Con last month, a CGI-laden action scene filled with slapstick deaths and Ryan Reynolds' 'mercenary with a mouth' cracking jokes.

It is repeatedly being taken down by 20th Century Fox online, suggesting it is not an idea they see having a future (or at least in that style).

Comedy-tinged superhero movies have certainly gone down well with audiences this year though, with Guardians of the Galaxy currently proving a massive hit at the box office.

Reese last week posted a picture of Reynolds doing motion capture for the role (above).