Denzel Washington launches campaign to play James Bond

The Hollywood star was also asked if he preferred cats or dogs and his karaoke song choice

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He’s played a mafia don in American Gangster and a dodgy police detective in Training Day but now Denzel Washington wants to be one of the good guys.

The Oscar-winning actor told Reddit users during an Ask Me Anything session yesterday that he wanted to take on the role of 007.

“The next James Bond? They better hurry up! Yes I would! Who's doing James Bond now..Daniel Craig! Did they shoot another one?”

He even went so far as to launch a social media campaign, saying, “Everybody should tweet Denzel is James Bond! Send it to the studio! We start the Denzel is Bond campaign today!”

Reddit users were quick to spread the word, with pm_me-please posting “I just tweeted #DenzelIsJamesBond everybody do it now!”

British actor Craig has been playing 007 since 2006 when he starred in a darker remake of Casino Royale. His version of the spy marked a departure from the more cheesy action romps that the franchise was previously known for.

He last played Bond in 2012’s Skyfall  and is reportedly signed on to make two more Bond films.


Along with the Bond question, Washington was also asked how he managed to look half his age.

“I come from a good gene pool. When I was young-young, it took a long time for me to be able to get into clubs, and my oldest daughter, she's mid-twenties now, she looks twelve or thirteen, so I think it's just genetics. And exercise, and eating right, but you know - Father Time is undefeated.”

…and whether he was a cat or a dog person.

“Cats, man, they're too independent. They p**s me off. they play when they want, and then they turn their back on you. Dogs, you throw the ball, and they bring it back, tongue hanging out, tail wagging. Cats are like "Not right now, too busy." Definitely a dog man.”

…and what he would sing at karaoke.

“It would have to be some kind of a... my son used to sing I BELIEVE I CAN FLY.”

He also admitted turning down a part in David Fincher’s thriller Se7en starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, a decision he later regretted.