High School Musical 4: Disney announces US casting call for reboot

New Zac Efron types, listen up

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It's been exactly a decade since Zac Efron's high-schooler bounced a few basketballs around while sporadically breaking into song about being in love with Vanessa Hudgens, and in celebration, Disney has announced a reboot of the franchise.

Of course, with both Efron and Hudgens off enjoying fairly decent careers away from East High, Disney are focusing on the fresh-faced individuals who could become the next actors to enamour a whole new generation - Variety reports that a nationwide US casting call is due to begin this spring. 

Wildly popular in its day, High School Musical debuted on Disney Channel in 2006 becoming its most-watched broadcast of all time (7.7 million), a record smashed by its sequel in 2007 (17.3 million).

This success earned trilogy-closer High School Musical: Senior Year a cinema release in 2010; not only did it take the box office crown, it became the first film to keep a new Saw film from hitting the top spot.

Jeffrey Hornaday, the man behind Disney Channel's other popular property Teen Beach, is primed to direct and choreograph.

Hudgens recently starred in a live televised version of Grease despite the fact her father had passed away hours before.

Efron is currently filming the big-screen version of classic TV series Baywatch alongside Dwayne Johnson and Alexandra Daddario; that could one day be you.