Disney wants to reboot Tron with Jared Leto

This follows Disney's cancellation of a long-developing third film, following 2010's Tron: Legacy

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Some may recall that in 2010, Disney released a sequel to its classic 1982 film Tron

Then again, many may not recall this, since Tron: Legacy proved something of a disappointment with critics and gained a solid - but by no means spectacular - run at the box office.

However, a further sequel had already been announced prior to the film's release; a long-running development which saw the film near production in 2015, with the return of stars Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde. 

That instalment was halted, however, with news now breaking that Disney could instead be looking to reboot the franchise entirely (via The Hollywood Reporter); which may have something to do with the fact the recently opened Shanghai Disney Resort prominently features a Tron ride, proof that the franchise still has currency in global markets. 

Though there's still a chance Hedlund and Wilde may return in some capacity, Jared Leto is now being eyed to play the film's new lead; he and his producing partner, Emma Ludbrook, are also looking to become involved on a producing level if the project moves forward.

Though not a direct sequel, sources state the new film will still be built up out of elements from the now-dropped Tron 3 film; including Leto playing a character from that screenplay, named Ares. 

However, there's no new screenwriter or director attached at this stage, so it still seems very up in the air as to which direction this project may take.