Films convert to 3D, following 'Avatar' success

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After the tremendous success of Avatar screenings in 3D, the action fantasy film, Clash of the Titans also starring Sam Worthington, will be converted to 3D. This follows a trend in Hollywood with studios looking at a process that transforms new 2D movies and even classics into 3D films, as was done for the re-release of the first two Toy Story animated pictures.

Clash of the Titans, the mythological story, is a remake of the 1981 film with Laurence Olivier in the role of Zeus, played by Liam Neeson in the new version. Louis Leterrier ( The Incredible Hulk) directs and Ralph Fiennes stars as Hades.

Originally set to open March 26, the same weekend as How to Train Your Dragon, an animated 3D feature, Clash has been rescheduled for April 2 when it won't need to scramble for the limited number of 3D-equipped theaters.

It was announced that the next two-part Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows films will be released in 3D. Part I is set for November 19, and Part II will be released in July 2011.

The cost to convert films not originally shot in 3D runs about $5 million plus the price of 3D glasses for theaters.

Worthington stars next in Last Night with Keira Knightly to be released in March, an upcoming thriller The Debt, with Helen Mirren - neither have plans for 3D versions. He is also considering a role in Dracula Year Zero, a period vampire epic.