Foxcatcher: Watch the real John du Pont's creepy self-tribute video

The ornithologist, philatelist, philanthropist in his own words

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Second only to the helicopter scene and that jog, one of Foxcatcher's most unsettling moments is the video hagiography Steve Carell's John E. du Pont has made featuring wrestling pupils coerced into singing his praises.

It shows just how desperate the billionaire has become for people to love him for more than his money and for his achievements to be recognised, and in the film serves as the catalyst that makes him drive round to trainer Dave Schultz's house and promptly shoot him to death.

It was based on a real video, which was commissioned by a hospital (upon du Pont's request) after he donated money to fund a new trauma centre, and has been picking up extra hits this week in the wake of the film's release.

The inspiration for the blank, chalky voice that Steve Carell employs is clear to see, and du Pont wears the same Foxcatcher uniform throughout (he would later be buried in a Foxcatcher wrestling singlet as per the instructions of his will).

There is also a whole section on his mother, whom he tried so desperately to please, including lingering photo of her, and awkward interviews with people clearly paid to admire him.

It all amounts to quite a terrifying mini-documentary on the heir, and an example of how mental illness can be ignored when people are shielded by money.