FoxPop to bring interactive features to DVD viewing experience

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Fox Studios will release a new program in movie DVDs called 'FoxPop' that will allow users to access a constant flow of information, photos, games or trivia about the film they are watching.

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian will be the first film that comes with the experimental content as it releases to public on December 1. A free downloadable application for Mac, PC or iPhone users will allow them to get info about the movie on a separate screen.

FoxPop is the result of a collaboration between Fox and Spot411, an interactive entertainment company, which issued a statement that 80 percent of people who watched movies on DVD tend to do research about the movie later or sometimes immediately. The application will thus give appropriate info to the users as well as let them share comments and info through Facebook or Twitter.

The application will not cost more than the DVD. Fox already has an exclusive deal with Spot411 and will also release (500) Days of Summer, scheduled for December 22 and Jennifer's Body on December 29.