Get your face melted by THX's latest sound display intro

Is this what it sounds like to be murdered?

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THX has been the gold standard for cinema sound since the 80s, ensuring directors' visions are transferred onto the big screen properly and scaring the hell out of little kids in the process.

Its OTT intro sequences are remembered fondly by cinephiles, roasting you with a wall of sound ahead of the scheduled film and getting you appropriately excited for it.

The latest clip takes its trademark "vvvvvvvvVVVVVRRRRAAAAAAOOOOOOOWWWH!" to the next level, apparently taking place in deep space and opening with some creepy discordant sounds.

It then builds into a crescendo as a torrent of energy is fired at the screen, giving the sense that you've not so much walked into a 2.15pm showing of The SpongeBob Movie as been forced through a wormhole.

Enjoy it now (above) before the sequence starts exploding audience members heads and it has to be banned.

For reference, here's the original THX intro from 1983.