Goosebumps trailer reveals movie's new take on RL Stine's books starring Jack Black

The film features the author as a lead character

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It’s time to relive your childhood with the new Goosebumps trailer.

The upcoming film brings the monsters and ghouls to life from RL Stine’s scary books. While the popular children’s novellas have been made into TV series before, this is the first time Goosebumps will be on the big screen.

However, the film’s plot varies from RL Stine’s books and instead features him as one of the lead characters, who plays the father of teenage girl Hannah (Odeya Rush).

Hannah’s next door neighbour Zach (Dylan Minnette), is bowled over when the beautiful Hannah moved next door, but soon learns that she has a mysterious Dad who she is unsure about.

It turns out Hannah’s Dad, played by Jack Black, is a prisoner of his own imagination, able to make the monsters in his books real.

When Zach accidentally unleashed the Abominable Snowman from one Stine’s books, it’s up to the three protagonists to get them all back in the books where they belong.

Goosebumps will be released in the UK on 5 February 2016.