Gos the Great and Powerful: James Franco confesses 'burning' crush on Ryan Gosling

Franco praises Gosling for his 'behavioural and sartorial genius'

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Rumours may be flying around that James Franco is dating Spring Breakers co-star Ashley Benson, but if his writing is anything to go by it looks like the actor has a huge man crush on Ryan Gosling.

In a 900-word blog for The Huffington Post entitled “Burning for Gosling”, Franco gushes over the actor, who is two years his junior, after seeing him in The Place Beyond the Pines.

The Oz the Great and Powerful star begins with a preamble about the film before writing: “But what I want to talk about is the first section, the Gosling section; I want to make love to this section.

“The first image we see is Gos’s toned six-pack, framed tight so that his head is cut off in order to focus our attention on the full spread of idiosyncratic tattoos,” he said.

He continued: “We still haven’t seen his face but we know it’s the Gos: the hair, the head, the strut…

"Pay close attention to all of Gosling’s clothes in whatever he does, he is a master at evoking character through dress: The Drive Scorpion jacket; the Blue Valentine two-tone leather, I mean, come on giiiiiiirl,” he continued.

Franco was also taken by the actor’s “beautiful Gosling brooding” and motorcycling riding.

“Yes, please, more of this. Look how he smokes; look at the other t-shirts he wears inside out; look at the holes! Look at how he dances with the little dog; look at the homoerotic relationship with is partner in crime.”