Idris Elba would 'absolutely' love to play James Bond

The actor said he would accept the role if it was offered to him

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Idris Elba is hoping that his next role is shaken not stirred after admitting that he would like to step into Daniel Craig’s shoes as James Bond.

The Luther actor, who recently portrayed Nelson Mandela in a biopic about the former South African president, made the claim in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session over the weekend.

Asked by one user if he would take on the role of 007 if it was offered to him, Elba said: “Yes, if it was offered to me, absolutely”.

Rumours have long been circulating that 42-year-old Elba is set to be the next Bond after Craig’s tenure comes to an end. Craig is currently cast in forthcoming films Bond 24 and Bond 25.


Elba, who is set to voice tiger villain Shere Khan in Disney’s live-action remake of The Jungle Book, also said that he enjoys playing baddies on-screen.

“I find villains way more compelling to unearth their psyche. Writers love writing for villains because they can get a lot more off their chest, and it just means a lot more stuff for the actor to do,” he said.

“But good guys are also a challenge, because if you don't get the balance between being real and being, you know, a stereotypically good guy, your character can come across as corny. So each has its challenges, but I think being a bad guy has more."

Video: Idris Elba comments on Bond rumours last year

On a lighter note, for fans keen to know the more banal details of the actor’s life, Elba also revealed what he likes to eat for breakfast.

“Steak and egg,” he said.

“Eggs over medium. With some hot sauce on the side. Maybe a waffle or some brown toast. And some spinach. And then... if I can't get that, then I'll get scrambled eggs and salmon with some avocado.”