Jude Law on board for The Holiday sequel: 'That's a good idea, absolutely'

The Black Sea actor would like to reprise his role as single dad Graham

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Fans of schmaltzy Christmas romcoms rejoice – Jude Law has said he would be very interested in making a sequel to The Holiday.

The 2006 movie stars Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet as two love-troubled women who swap homes for the festive period and find new romance.

Law, 42, was asked by Glamour magazine whether he’d be keen for a follow-up to the popular film.

“That’s a good idea, absolutely,” he said. “The girls (his character Graham’s adorable daughters) will be grown up. Oh my goodness, they’ll be like teenagers! Miffy (Englefield) was such a sweet little girl.”


The two-time Academy Award nominee can currently be seen starring as rugged Scotsman Captain Robinson in Black Sea, a role he described as a “bit of a risk”.

“Making a character have a regional accent seems like quite a bold move, but my biggest concern was that if you’re going to command men, then you’ve got to have a certain presence,” Law said last month.

Jude Law as Captain Robinson in Black Sea

The film sees Robinson lead a British and Russian crew in search of a German U-boat stuffed with World War II-era gold rumoured to be lying on the floor of the Black Sea.