Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow criticised for claiming women don’t want to helm blockbuster movies

The director said top female directors were ‘not interested in doing a piece of studio business for its own sake’

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Colin Trevorrow has come under fire for suggesting women in the film industry turn down opportunities to direct blockbusters because they would rather not tell stories “involving superheroes or spaceships or dinosaurs”.

The Jurassic World director, who was recently confirmed to helm Star Wars: Episode IX, said he did not think women had the same desire to direct sci-fi blockbusters as men.

In response to a question on Twitter asking whether he thought he would have been hired for Jurassic World if he were female, he said:

“I want to believe that a filmmaker with both the desire and the ability to make a studio blockbuster will be given an opportunity to make their case. I stress desire because I honestly think that’s a part of the issue.

“Many of the top female directors in our industry are not interested in doing a piece of studio business for its own sake. These filmmakers have clear voices and stories to tell that don’t necessarily involve superheroes or spaceships or dinosaurs.”

Trevorrow was quickly picked up on his comments by female directors and actors who said they would “kill” to make a blockbuster.

The director later clarified: “I believe that there is an imbalance in our industry that needs to change, and it will. If I’m muddling my point, I apologize.”

The 38-year-old refused to name the directors he said he knew who had turned down big budget movies.

His comments come a month after Selma director Ava DuVernay declined the offer to direct Marvel’s Black Panther because of “different ideas about what the story would be”.

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