Jurassic World: How much would the real-life park actually cost?

Unsurprisingly, the cost of home-grown dinosaurs on a private island resort/theme park isn't that low...

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Jurassic World took a record $512m in its opening weekend at the box office, but this is a mere drop in the mosasaur-filled ocean of costs to make the real-life park.

A team of researchers have concluded that the 1993 film's park as envisioned by John Hammond, portrayed by the late Richard Attenborough, would have cost $23,432,400,000 initially and would have commanded annual maintenance fees of $11,907,000,000.

In order to determine this they looked at construction budgets of theme parks around the world and used Costa Rican real estate estimates.

According to the researchers, the price of the two islands of the park, totalling 66 square miles, would be $10 billion and construction of all the security and rides and amenities on the park could have been $1.5 billion.


Research and development towards dinosaur cloning is estimated to have been $25.4 million, whereas the creation of the monstrous animals themselves would be $8.5 million, based on the prices of dog cloning companies in California, adjusted to that of a dinosaur.

The people at Fandango Movieclips, also took into account mining costs ($9 million), park operations ($11.7 billion annually)

They even thought about the welfare of the dinosaurs, factoring in $207 million a year for the welfare of the not-so-little beasts.

All in all it makes for an eye-watering cost to bring the Jurassic and Cretaceous creatures to the present - not to mention that of human lives.

Now we understand why John Hammond, portrayed by the late Richard Attenborough,was so attached to his park!

Watch the full video below for the reasons behind the estimates: