Jurassic World's unintentionally very racist line is stunning audiences

The WHAT are out of containment?

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Among the smorgasbord of dinosaurs that feature in this summer's biggest blockbuster, Jurassic World, is the little-known Pachycephalosaurus.

It is pronounced (pak-ee-sef-a-low-sor -us), and the lizard-like creature has a habit of escaping its enclosure.

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Now, this is a fast-paced action film so there is no time for such lengthy paleontological words, leading a character to at one point abbreviate and shout: "The Pachys are out of containment!"

Phonetically this sounds like a wildly racist slur, and it has left some viewers squirming uncomfortably in their seats:

Most can't believe that the line actually made it into the final script, though this can probably be explained by the fact that the slur has a history of only really being used in the UK, and Jurassic World's screenplay was penned entirely by Americans.

I guess it's just as well Chris Pratt pre-apologised by any/all offence caused by the film.