Justin Bieber's alleged rider is something else

Five dishes a day prepared by top chefs, a massage table and a Rolls-Royce are reportedly among the demands

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Preparations are underway for Justin Bieber's first concert in India, and preparations really need to be emboldened, italicised and given asterisks there.

His rider appears to have leaked to Indian Express, which detail requirements including:

A convoy of 10 luxury sedans and 2 Volvo buses

A Rolls-Royce reserved for Bieber himself

The following flown in:

A ping pong table

A Playstation

An IO HAWK segway

A sofa set

A washing machine

A refrigerator


A wardrobe

A massage table

A jacuzzi

Not one but two 5-star hotels 

Five dishes a day prepared by top chefs and named after his most popular tracks

A specially redesigned hotel suite incorporating Mogul paintings, antique furniture, Kashmiri bed linen and purple carnations.

The reservation of three hotel floors

An Indian Yoga Casket containing aromatic essential oils

A licensed female masseuse specially flown in from Kerala

100 hangers, cans of wildberries and vanilla room freshners

A private jet and chopper on stand-by