Keanu Reeves' new film takes £88 at the UK box office in opening weekend

It's also been a pretty terrible week for Richard Gere, so at least he's got some company there

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Keanu Reeves's new film Exposed is the real 'Sad Keanu' of 2016; it earned a mere £88 from UK cinemas on its opening weekend. 

Released on 26 February, the thriller sees Reeves plays a detective out to expose police corruption and the real truth behind his partner's death; sounds pretty standard, ignoring the latter part of the film where aliens suddenly get involved, but its outstandingly poor performance marks it as the biggest bomb of Reeves' career (the Matrix films took over $1bn).

Admittedly, the numbers don't take into account profits made from its simultaneous VOD release, where the film hopefully fared a little better, though these stats aren't publicly available. 

The actor at least has company here; Richard Gere's The Benefactor, released at the same time, made an even slighter £25 in box office takings. The drama surrounding a philanthropist attempting to relive past loves by interfering in the lives of newlyweds also boasted the likes of Dakota Fanning, Cheryl Hines, and Theo James in its cast. 

It won't likely be too much concern for Reeves; he's busy filming the sequel to last year's major hit John Wick, which earned an unexpected $86M globally.

He's also got roles in hotly anticipated arthouse flicks Ana Lily Amirpour's The Bad Batch and Nicolas Winding Refn's The Neon Demon; plus he'll provide his voice for a film probably/possibly not named after him, Key & Peele's kitty comedy Keanu

So don't weep for Keanu, he's still doing A-OK.