Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal sequels reportedly underway

The follow ups to the Jim Henson films could be coming to the big screen

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Sequels to the fantasy cult classics Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal are in the works, it has been reported.

The Eighties films made by puppeteer and producer Jim Henson have become enduring favourites with generations of fans.

Henson passed away in 1990 and the sequels are just two of the films that are going to be made as part The Jim Henson Co.’s legacy project from Henson’s extensive library of work.  

Big screen adaptations of Fraggle Rock and a film based on Emmet Otter are also underway, according to US entertainment site Variety.

Labyrinth stars David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King and a young Jennifer Connelly as Sarah, who is forced to navigate through the maze and rescue her baby brother from the sinister overlord. The 1986 musical-comedy was directed by Henson.

While 1982’s The Dark Crystal follows the story of the Jen, a creature known as a Gelfling, who is trying to restore a balance to his world by restoring a shard to the Crystal.