Hugh Jackman has posted a video on Twitter of himself re-recording dialogue for Logan, and boy is he giving it all he’s got.

I say dialogue, in the clip he’s specifically dubbing Wolverine’s grunts, shouts and cries as he punches and stabs henchman while sprinting through a forest.

Jackman turns a colour I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist on the conventional spectrum at one point, clenching both fists and yelling at the heavens.


"Hi," he shyly says after finishing the sequence.

ADR (automated dialogue replacement) is a standard part of the film production process, particularly for action films, with the original actor heading to a studio to improve audio quality and offer sound takes they couldn’t on the day of filming.

With actors often being accused of phoning in performances for blockbusters, it’s nice to see the vein-busting lengths Jackman went to in making Wolverine come across as visceral as possible.

Logan is in cinemas now.