Matthew McConaughey goes fat, bald and bedraggled in new film Gold

Alright alright all wrong.

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Matthew McConaughey has gone through many transformations for roles, most notably when he lost several stone for Dallas Buyers Club, but he is perhaps most unrecognisable in his latest film, Gold.

Looking like a man who gambled his kids’ college fund away at the blackjack table, he wears an ill-fitting suit and sports thinning hair for the role of unlucky businessman Kenny Wells, who teams-up with geologist Michael Acosta (Edgar Ramirez) to search for gold in the Indonesian jungle.

It’s certainly a far cry from Magic Mike, in which he looked like this.


Some more shots from the Manhattan, New York filming:




Michael Mann was originally pegged to direct Gold, which is based on a true story, then Spike Lee, and now it rests in the hands of Syriana director Stephen Gaghan - his first film since 2006.

Bryce Dallas Howard and Corey Stoll co-star, with principal photography set to wrap soon and filming having also taken place in Thailand and New Mexico.

There’s no official release date for Gold yet, but it’s expected to hit cinemas sometime in 2016.

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