Nejazzle? Dame Judi proves she's totally Dench


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If there was even the slightest shred of doubt that Dame Judi Dench was a National Treasure™, she more than proved she's a pearl among women with a cheeky bit of bling at the Skyfall premiere this week. Despite her characteristically elegant garb, Judi was sporting a cheeky 'jazzle! No, it wasn't a vajazzle, it was a nejazzle – a sparkly set of self-adhesive crystals in the shape of the 007 logo tucked behind her ear (above, left). Unexpected and playful, it rocked. She then cemented her place in the lady dude hall of fame later in the week by getting a picture of herself on Twitter wearing a Dench cap (above). Dench as in Judi, but also in Stay Dench, the clothing range created by rapper Lethal Bizzle and footballer Emmanuel Frimpong. Dench, you see, is a phrase used by the youth to describe something as being "sick" – keep up at the back – which means "nice".

So there you have it. Judi Dench, the best of British legends. We salute you.