Night of the Living Dead director George Romero's son crowdfunding for prequel

Cameron Romero has set up a fundraising campaign for film Origins

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The son of Night of The Living Dead director George Romero is crowdfunding so that he can make a prequel to his father's iconic zombie film.

Cameron Romero has set up a campaign the website Indiegogo, in the hope of raising $150,000 for his planned movie Origins. With 31 days to go, he has so fair raised $155 – or less than one per cent of the total. 

Origins is described as “the next feature film of the "Romero Zombie" as told by two generations of Romero”. In a video posted on the campaign’s page, Cameron explains that the film will seek to answer fans’ questions and explore the "genesis of these creatures."

He said that his father, who will partially produce the film, had “fallen in love” with his son’s script. 

“I showed it to him, he read it and he fell in love with it," Cameron said.

“He called me up and said look, it’s completely for real, and I can tell that you did it with love in your heart.”

Cameron called on fans to donate to the campaign so that the film could be released “out there into the world where it belongs – with you”. He said that he would work with members of the public to ensure the film meets their expectations.

Night of the Living Day became a cult classic after it was released in 1968. The independent film is credited with revolutionising the zombie genre.