Order of the Jedi? Debunking the Star Wars 7 rumours

Cutting through the speculation like a lightsabre made of (semi) truth

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Not sated by the casting announcement and the news that there is going to be an old man Chewie in Star Wars Episode 7, fans have already begun spreading rumours of more castings, characters and plotlines, but is there any truth to them?

Rumour: The title of the film is Star Wars: The Order of the Jedi

This would be a lazy title even by Hollywood's standards, and would be kind of repetitive coming straight after Return of the Jedi in the series.

I imagine this was the brain fart of someone who had Harry Potter's Order of the Phoenix lodged in their brain, although the Alex Cross series once went with the tagline 'Don't Cross Alex Cross', so worse descriptions have happened.

Rumour: Lupita Nyong'o has signed up to play Asajj Ventress

The 12 Years a Slave star being in some way involved seems likely as she has been repeatedly touted for it by several Hollywood trade mags.

Seems like as far as her playing the Dark Jedi goes though, someone just went 'Lupita's bald, Asajj is bald…' then made that fingers intertwine gesture (though admittedly it would be cool to see this character in the sequel).

Is Lupita Nyong'o playing Asajj Ventress? (Picture: Star Wars Wikia/Getty)

Rumour: Daisy Ridley is playing a member of the Solo family

I'd put money on it. She bears something of a resemblance to Carrie Fisher, was pictured between her and Ford in the script read photo (though that could be a red herring) and has the wholesome look of a young protagonist Jedi.

Disclaimer: She could still surprise us and be motion capping a descendant of Jabba.

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Rumour: Max Von Sydow will only lend his voice to a character, who will run right through the new trilogy

Possible, but my money is on a Count Dook/Galactic Empire type rather than a CGI alien.

Rumour: Luke Skywalker will be the Obi Wan of the new trilogy

Luke literally just churning out Obi Wan's wisdomous schtick sounds a little obvious, but I could definitely see his role in the sequel being based around advising a padawan, and he's surely beyond the possibility of a heel turn by this point.

Rumour: Han Solo is now the High Commander of the New Republic


Rumour: Leia is now the Queen Regent of the Republic


Rumour: The chief villain is not a Sith lord.

I like this idea, and despite the casting of Max van Sydow suggesting otherwise, it would be nice if the Big Bad wasn't just an old dude in a robe. I have high hopes for whatever Adam Driver's antagonist may be.