Oscars 2016: people think the audience were refusing to clap for Mad Max: Fury Road winner

Is this some sort of outrage or just people with very tired arms?

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Mad Max: Fury Road launched outrageously in the lead at this year's Academy Awards, with a total of six awards so far; leading one of the film's winners to yelp as he leapt on stage, "F**cking Mad Maxers!" 

Yet, the internet seems to believe some of the attending audience members weren't entirely pleased about that fact. 

A Vine currently making the rounds sees Jenny Beavan making her way to the stage to accept her Oscar for Best Costume Design for Mad Max: Fury Road

Yet, those who she passes don't appear to be clapping or largely celebrating her win. Just take a look at Alejandro González Iñárritu's crossed arms; is he mad because Jacqueline West didn't win for all those bear fur coats in The Revenant?

While it seems too easy to accuse the director of throwing shade, considering The Revenant's severely behind on Mad Max's incredible run of wins; but let's consider one important thing here. 

The Academy Awards are roughly 1,000 hours long, and the award for Costume Design barely forms a dent in the night's proceedings. Plus, those technical award nominees tend to be stuffed way back in the theatre, making it an arduously long walk to the stage. 

So, is that really shade? Or just a bunch of people conserving their energy for later?