Prometheus 2: Ridley Scott developing sequel with multiple Michael Fassbenders

Sequel will be more 'alien-y'

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20th Century Fox's "Untitled Ridley Scott Project" for March 2016 is in fact a sequel to Prometheus, according to reports, which is expected to feature multiple "David" androids.

The Green Lantern writer Michael Green will pen Prometheus 2, which will probably get a sexier name upon release.

Production is set to begin in the autumn, after Scott has finished his Moses movie Exodus.

It will be a sequel to a prequel, confusingly, given that Prometheus was set before the classic 1979 sci-fi movie Alien, starring Noomi Rapace as a God-fearing archaeologist trying to find the Engineers, an alien race who served as the architects of humanity.

The sequel will be more "alien-y" and tense in line with the original films, according to The Wrap, and is expected to feature several "David" androids, meaning many Michael Fassbenders will appear on screen at one time.

Jack Paglen wrote the original screenplay draft, with Green being brought in to rewrite it.

He worked on the Blade Runner reboot last year, and also has credits for the sci-fi television shows Heroes and Smallville.