Quentin Tarantino reveals his films and characters share not one, but two universes

Pulp Fiception.

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Over the past decade or so, Tarantino fans have been trying to get a handle on what it is that binds all of the auteur’s work together.

There’s definitely something there, as we know that Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction and Vic Vega from Reservoir Dogs are brothers, Donnie Donowitz from Inglorious Basterds is the father of Lee Donowitz in the Tarantino-penned True Romance, and that a character from The Hateful Eight has a relative in another movie. Plus, they all smoke the fictitious 'Red Apple' cigarettes.

But just when you thought it was safe to assume that the characters all simply inhabited the same universe and timeline (albeit a different one from our own, rumoured to have deviated when Hitler was killed in a cinema), Tarantino has revealed that there are more layers to it.

The singular universe theory "isn't 100% correct,” Tarantino told The Project, as there are two of them.

"There's a realer than real universe, alright, that all the characters inhabit," he explained, before eluding to the next layer: the "Movie Universe."

"So basically when the characters of Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction, when they go to the movies... Kill Bill is what they go see. From Dusk Til Dawn is what they go see."

This hint, which will no doubt cause fan theories to be revised countless times over, might help us make sense of this parallel between Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill.


Mia Wallace’s description of her pilot episode of “Fox Force Five” so closely mirrors that of Kill Bill and its Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, that it is possible Fox Force Five eventually made it beyond the small screen and onto the big one that Tarantino mentioned.