Richard Linklater's Before trilogy to get hugely belated Criterion Collection release

It'll mark the first time the three films have appeared in one box set 

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The Before  trilogy could well be one of cinema's greatest, its story of Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) touching film audiences since Before Sunrise was released in 1995.

That the films don't yet exist in one box set collection has been a point of contention for film fans ever since the release of trilogy-closer Before Midnight in 2013, but the day has arrived where Richard Linklater fans can rejoice: it's been announced that the three films are to finally be treated to a Criterion Collection release in February 2017.

The Criterion set will include restored 2K digital transfers of the first two instalments with a 2K digital master of final film Before Midnight which also has its own making-of documentary. 

Recent Linklater documentary Dream is Destiny will feature as part of the set's behind-the-scenes content, as well as a fresh discussion featuring the director alongside actors Hawke and Delpy.

This will be the first time the three films have appeared in one collection together.

The beloved trilogy begins with the couple initially meeting as wide-eyed twenty-somethings travelling in Europe while Before Sunset (2004) catches up with the estranged couple nine years on in Paris. The series ends with Before Midnight which finds them on holiday in Greece as a married couple.

Many would deem this series the jewel in Linklater's crown despite having directed such critically-acclaimed films as Dazed and Confused (1993), Boyhood (2014) and this year's Everybody Wants Some!!. His other credits include School of Rock, Bernie and debut feature Slacker which turns 25 later this month.

The Before trilogy will be released 28 February 2017. For more new releases, head to the Criterion website.