The Saw franchise didn't stay dead for very long - there's going to be an eighth film

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Between the years of 2004 and 2010, horror fans were treated to a new instalment of a Saw film every Halloween.

What began as an intriguing premise, however, spiralled into a gratuitous mess - unfortunately clouding the fact that the first one is actually a pretty decent horror-thriller (with an earth-shattering twist to boot).

Well, five years after completing the saga with Saw 3D - which brought everything full circle - comes the news that Lionsgate are making an eighth film titled Saw: Legacy.

Whether this will be a reboot or a direct follow-on is unknown, but a screenplay is currently being put together by Josh Stolberg and (the brilliantly named) Pete Goldfinger whose previous credits include, er, Pirhana 3D and Sorority Row.

If you've lost complete faith altogether, just know that original director James Wan (The ConjuringFurious 7) will executive produce alongside the film's original star and writer Leigh Whannell.  

The first film also starred Danny Glover, Cary Elwes and Michael Emerson (Lost).

For the most part, the Saw films centre on the Jigsaw killer (Tobin Bell) who traps his victims in situations where they must "choose" to either live or die.