Shia LaBeouf drops Transformers 3 hint

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Shia LaBeouf says a third Transformers film would be "darker" than the first two movies.

A follow up to 2007's Transformers and new film Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen hasn't been confirmed, but if there is a third flick, the actor revealed it's likely to raise the stakes.

He said: "It will be darker, something crazy will happen, someone has to die."

Shia, who plays Sam Witwicky, said he expects a third Transformers film would carry the action beyond Earth and become "more of an intergalactic thing".

Director Michael Bay revealed he'd be on board to make another movie in the franchise - but he wants some time off first.

"I will do it, but you've got to give us time," he said. "I need a little rest."

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, which also stars Megan Fox, is out now.