Someone correctly predicted the ending of Jurassic World 200 days ago

It was always going to the "big ass fish"

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A vague annoyance at film trailers giving away too many plot details has been rumbling for a while now, and nothing sums it up better than the fact that someone managed to nail the specifics of the Jurassic World climax months before it hit cinemas.

"I'm calling it, they kill this hybrid dinosaur by luring him into the water with that big ass fish," Reddit user RecklessEmpire wrote seven months ago in response to the action sequel's first trailer.

It stands up pretty well to how the film does conclude (as per Wikipedia):

'The overwhelmed Indominus is forced towards the lagoon, where the resident Mosasaurus drags it underwater. The T. rex departs, with Blue following. The next day, the survivors are evacuated to Costa Rica. Zach and Gray are reunited with their parents while Owen and Claire decide to "stick together for survival".'

I guess this says as much about the predictability of summer blockbusters as it does about overly transparent trailers, and also it was still a pretty terrific call by the viewer, but hey Hollywood, maybe stop giving the game away so early!

Jurassic World has been a huge hit at the box office thus far, stomping to $1bn faster than any other film in history after another barnstorming weekend.