Star Wars 7: Harrison Ford spotted back on his feet in Whole Foods following leg injury

Injury recently caused shooting to be pushed back

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Star Wars 7 actor Harrison Ford appears to be on the mend following his Millennium Falcon-related ankle injury, being spotted in a London food store on a leg crutch.

It was recently announced that JJ Abrams' sequel will go on hiatus for two weeks in August while Ford recovers, suggesting the injury may be more severe than first thought.

But the 71-year-old looked in good health as he demolished a mammoth muffuletta sandwich yesterday, clearly missing home comforts as he left hospital to head to the American supermarket.

A second image posted on Facebook showed his ankle in a cast, with Ford walking using a below-the-knee peg leg crutch.

The actor, who will reprise the role of Han Solo in the movie, was airlifted to hospital last month after reportedly being crushed by a door on the Millennium Falcon.

Star Wars: Episode VII is thought to currently be shooting in the Forest of Dean, possibly for scenes set on the Ewok planet of Endor.

It was confirmed yesterday that it will make use of IMAX cameras, and it seems will see a return to more practical effects rather than green screen CGI – something which left Kevin Smith crying with joy when he visited the set recently.