Stay classy, San Diego: Anchorman and Ron Burgundy are back


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Not many films get to announce their sequel by having its star, in character, storm a chat show to broadcast the news. But few films of the last 10 years are as universally loved as Anchorman – it's kind of a big deal.

Will Ferrell, dressed as chauvinistic news anchor Ron Burgundy, took over the Conan show this week, jazz flute in hand, to announce that the 2004 Judd Apatow-produced hit was being resurrected. Predictably, the news has been met with a mixture of excitement and apprehension by fans.

Comedy sequels haven't fared so well in recent times (just look at the panning last year for The Hangover Part II, which was a charmless rehash of the original jokes and set-up). Let's just hope Anchorman 2 doesn't stink as bad as Sex Panther, Paul Rudd's "formidable" cologne from the original.