Terminator Genisys sequels put on 'indefinite hold' because film performed poorly at domestic box-office

The film grossed a total $440 million worldwide but only $89 million in the US 

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Terminator Genisys was a pretty bad film - it scored 26% on Rotten Tomatoes. It was supposed to lay the foundation for future sequels, spawning a ‘Marvel-esque’ cinematic universe, but it will no more.

Paramount studios have put all future Terminator films on “indefinite hold”, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It was intended to have two sequels and a TV spin-off.

While the film grossed a total $440 million worldwide, poor box-office showing in the US (just $89 million) and a budget of $150 million means the film could lose money. It has so far made $122 million in China, showing once again the strength of the Chinese market. 

Genisys was directed by Game of Thrones regular Alan Taylor and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his role as the iconic T-800. Even with a stellar cast - including Emilia Clarke, J. K. Simmons and Jason Clarke - the film was heavily criticised for its complicated, time-travel plot-line, and unremarkable performances.

The report also talks about Pacific Rim, another film that performed badly at the domestic Box-office but well overseas. Guillermo del Toro’s film was set to have a sequel, but this has since been abandoned.