The Cannes Festival Diary: Putting sexual rumours to bed

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One of the films in competition at Cannes has sparked the question of which nationality is worse in the sack: the Germans or the British? Jeune et Jolie is the story of a girl's (Marine Vacth) sexual awakenings before she decides to become a prostitute.

The protagonist's first fling is with a German boy and it does not end well. Yet, director François Ozon revealed, the original fumbler was supposed to be English. Ozon said he just preferred working with the German actor so changed the character's nationality.

A reality check was Emma's best homework

So how did Emma Watson prepare for The Bling Ring, the true story of celebrity-obsessed teens, who broke into houses of the rich and famous? She immersed herself in reality TV shows such as Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Hills and shows about Paris Hilton.

"There are celebrities who create a brand out of other people's interest in their lives, and there are celebrities who don't so much," she said.