The first trailer for the Angry Birds movie is here because the world is dark and full of terror

Hollywood reverse engineering sees smartphone game come before movie

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Not content with having made enough money from Angry Birds to demolish its offices and build new fortress-style ones from molten diamonds, game developer Rovio Entertainment has teamed up with Columbia to make a movie based around the popular ‘well there’s nothing else to do on the Tube’ game, and today we got a look at the first trailer.

Centring on one of the red birds, voiced by Jason Sudeikis, the film takes what little source material it has to work with and runs with it, creating a sort-of origin story focusing on how the birds came to be so angry.

Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage voices The Mighty Eagle, while Danny McBride is Bomb and Maya Rudolph is Matilda.

Pitched towards comedy, one YouTube user noted that the trailer was “surprisingly less awful than I was expecting,” though another stated: “That...was painful. I do not expect anything good out of this movie.”

Should the Angry Birds movie be successful, we can presumably expected an Angry Birds novel series, gritty TV reboot and the format of House of Commons debates to be updated so that David Cameron just hurls himself at gaggles of MPs.