The Jameson Empire Awards: Done in 60 seconds

The Independent is proud to be a partner of the Jameson Empire Awards: Done In Sixty Seconds international short film competition.
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It’s simple, budding Spielberg’s and Scorcese’s are invited to take any movie and remake it in no more than 60 seconds. The final five nominees from around the world will have the chance to rub shoulders and share the stage with A-List talent at Jameson Empire Awards on 28 March, 2010, where the winner will be announced.

And who better to offer you expert advice for your mini masterpiece than judge and director of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, Edgar Wright. You’ll have to impress him and the panel to get through so listen closely...

For inspiration watch last year's winning entry which hilariously remixed Cameron Crowe's, Jerry Maguire, and then triumphed on the night.

Here’s a list of do’s and don’t to make sure your film qualifies...


Remake a movie of your choice (HINT: well known films make it easier for the public to vote for you)

Use your friends and family (make sure your cast have agreed to perform)

Feel free to 'adapt' the film to fit the format (you don't have to be completely faithful, humour goes a long way)

Make your film in English or use English subtitles (makes it easier for the International Judges to understand what they are watching!)

Download and add to the beginning of your film, the Done in Sixty Seconds logo.


Go over one minute in length, you'll be disqualified

Slander anyone

Feature pornography or nudity of any kind

Use any footage that is not your own (no 'mashing' allowed)

Infringe any copyright laws (i.e. use images, footage, pictures, etc that aren't your own material). Original music can only be used if it's for no more than 30 seconds in its entirety


Enjoy yourself!

The competition ends Friday 29 January.

For more details and to upload your entry visit