The Mean Girls musical is definitely in the works, says Tina Fey

An adaptation of the 2004 teen classic, starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams, will be hitting the Broadway stage

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Get in loser, we're going to Broadway. 

Tina Fey has confirmed the Mean Girls musical is going ahead; telling Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live (via The Hollywood Reporter) that she's even near completion with the writing process.

She's collaborated with her composer husband, Jeff Richmond, to create a full batch of classic, Broadway-style numbers; that's as opposed to the poppier songs featured in other musical adaptations of teen hits like Bring It On: The Musical

In terms of its similarity to the plot of the original 2004 film, Fey replied; "We haven't finished it yet, but it's close -- yes, pretty close." She's currently in the midst of nailing the first act's ending and the traditional, brassy "11 o'clock number"; alongside the second half's own big climax, which she suggests; "might be the girl fight".

Presumably, the show will feature a grand ode to Glen Coco; though Fey admitted she's struggling to pen a tribute to Cady Heron's love of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, since it's "tricky- Book of Mormon really nailed that genre!"

One thing is certain, though; Fey won't be reprising her own role as teacher Mrs. Norbury, nor will she be asking original cast members Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams back. "2027," she joked about its opening date. "[or] whenever Hamilton closes. We'll wait it out." Whenever it happens, we're totally grool about it. 

Fey appeared on Cohen's show to promote her latest film, Whisky Tango Foxtrot; which hits UK theatres 22 April.